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Do It Yourself Landscape Pavers

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Here are some considerations for that first step in your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project.

The basic objective is knowing as much as possible about your application and its situation so our talented Landscape Stone Supply staff can help as much as possible. Knowing more helps you eliminate surprises.

For the area you plan to work on, get clear in your own mind about

  • The shape
  • The elevations (highs and lows) of the site, and if a wall, the varying heights.
  • The actual size, measured and noted in square feet with lineal feet for border or cap stones. Take note if you think you need stairs. Then capture this reality so you can share it with Landscape Stone Supply staff by:
    • A simple line drawing of the project area showing it in plan view (from above) with dimensions and elevations shown on the drawing. Calculate wall, paver, and stone projects in total square feet per the areas in mind.
    • Several snapshots of the project area from different angles and points of view.

Develop your vision for the possibilities of the project. That means thinking about such elements as

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Appearance
  • Functionality
  • Feeling
  • Budget

Ready to proceed? Plan to visit Landscape Stone Supply as soon as possible. You may even want to call first to talk with a staff person at: 216-261-3466.

How It Works

The idea is to help you achieve a beautiful and lasting hardscape from your vision. The problem is, you've probably never done this kind of thing before. Even the most experienced Do-It-Yourselfers haven't. So Landscape Stone Supply has simplified the process.

Five Steps To Landscape Stone Supply Satisfaction

  1. Grab hold of your dream
    Determine the shape, location and dimensions of the area you plan to work on. Make a simple drawing with dimensions. Take some photos. Think about what you want to achieve in function and appearance. Determine elevations if possible. Calculate all values in square footage. Think about drainage.
  2. Share your dream with us
    Visit Landscape Stone Supply. We help with style, sizes, color, & budget with you. You can now tell us how much of everything is needed. We tell you how and when it might be available. Our talented staff works with you, suggesting products, colors, patterns, etc. All with the convenience of one-stop shopping.
  3. Get on the schedule board
    Decide what you like and place the order. We'll put together a schedule plan for your application kit, specifying deliveries and payment so everything arrives when you need it.
  4. Your kit is delivered
    The kit's the thing that makes the difference. It's your complete DIY collection of materials, and instructions needed for your unique project. With all this, you can do the basic work-area preparation and installation to make your dream a reality.
  5. Cut, finish & enjoy
    Then sit back and enjoy your new hardscape. Maybe even have a party to let your friends and relatives share your success!
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